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Sunday prompt

Write about something good happening to someone or something you hate.
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They were all laughing.

I yawned. What the hell is there to laugh about?I wondered irritably.

She stood there at the center of the classroom, her hands gesturing wildly, her eyes wide, as she excited recounted some stupid story about the first time she gave birth...

And my classmates, either her story was that amusing or they were just being polite or kissing up to her ass, were laughing like bunch of hyenas.

And I just sat there, trying to find the "funny" part in her story.

And for the umpteenth time, wondered again what they ever saw in her.

The professor's mind was closed to every idea except those from her "favorites." She would listen more closely to those outspoken, "charming" and just really popular students but to those who stay in low profile, she would just turn to them absently with a disgruntled expression on her "old hag" face that would change to relief the moment the student finishes speaking.

And of course the major papers...Once again, words of praise for the "favorites" and statements like "refine", "you lost me" for the students whose only fault was that they were not in the habit of bombarding her with praise.

You think you know everything, but you do not...

I rolled my eyes as I heard her change to another story, which basically was about how shit happens once in a while.

Yeah, shit does happen, I know that only too well...

And yet here she was, my classmates smiling and laughing with her, when I just feel she does not deserve it, hoping that somehow, my classmates' behavior was just for show.

I sighed, the laughter grating on my nerves. I have yet to see what that "good" I must see in her.